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Daily Dose 8.6.23

Shelby's Bachelorette Weekend Group Photo

Another week, another adventure to dish about. So, hold onto your mimosas, because I’ve got the scoop on my cousin Shelby’s bachelorette shindig in Sevierville, Tennessee.  Sevierville – a place I had never heard of until this weekend. It’s like a hidden gem nestled just north of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Trust me, this is more than just a place with a tricky name for Scrabble.


We were 11 fabulous ladies on a mission to celebrate Shelby’s impending nuptials. Everything was going as smooth as silk, except for one teeny, tiny, almost comedic glitch – the plumbing in our Airbnb decided it was time to hit the pause button. Two out of three toilets staged a revolt. We proved ourselves to be true survivalists, conquering the throne situation with grace and a healthy dose of humor. Who needs plumbing anyway, right? (Just kidding, we do.)


Sevierville, in all its hidden glory, is a mere 20-minute jaunt to Pigeon Forge and a delightful 30-minute ride to Gatlinburg. We tackled all three spots like champs, because why choose when you can have it all? This was no cookie-cutter bachelorette destination, but that’s what made it golden. The Island in Pigeon Forge – oh my moonshine – they’ve got an Ole’ Smokey Tennessee Moonshine tasting room right there!  We then wobbled over to Paula Deen’s restaurant. Breakfast of champions, y’all! Butter, butter, everywhere!


We went from brushing shoulders with criminals (Alcatraz Crime Museum, anyone?) to Titanic survivors, and yes, I proudly emerged victorious from that icy plunge in the Titanic Museum.  Just when we thought the excitement was about to hibernate, we had a chance encounter with a bona fide black bear. Right outside our cozy Airbnb, no less. It’s like we were living in a real-life National Geographic episode. Survival tip: bears might appreciate moonshine, but don’t try to test that theory.


All in all, this trip skyrocketed to my list of favorites. I can’t wait to go back and explore further, armed with hiking boots and bear spray, just in case the furry locals want to join the party. So, until next time, keep adventuring, keep celebrating, and never underestimate the power of a sassy group of gals in a toilet crisis. Cheers to Sevierville – where the memories are wild and the plumbing, well, not so much!

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