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Daily Dose 6.25.23

This week’s adventure in the kitchen took me straight into the realm of buttercream frosting formal design cupcakes. I dared to venture into the land of piping bags and delicate floral decorations. It wasn’t a Pinterest fail! Cue the confetti cannons!

I must confess, as I watched countless videos of expert bakers effortlessly creating buttercream masterpieces, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of concern. I mean, they made it look so easy, which is usually a sign that disaster is just around the corner, right? But hey, I tossed aside my doubts, pushed through the paranoia of “stiff” buttercream, and embraced the challenge. Armed with my mom’s legendary buttercream frosting recipe and her magical eggless Chocolate Whacky Cake recipe (which I promise to share with you soon), I embarked on a sweet journey.

These floral wonders were destined for my cousin’s upcoming bridal shower. The color and design process was more meticulous than a cat grooming its whiskers. But lo and behold, against all odds, the cupcakes turned out even better than I expected. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope they withstand the unforgiving grip of Michigan’s summer humidity. Here is to hoping my buttercream artistry survives the heat wave and emerges as a triumph for all the bakers out there.

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