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Daily Dose 8.27.23

What an absolutely radiant day it was as we gathered at the stunning St. Peter’s Catholic Church to celebrate the baptism of my sweet godson! The Heavens smiled down on us with crystal-clear skies, and my heart swelled with joy as I stood there, honored and utterly delighted to play such a cherished role in this little nugget’s life. It’s incredible how much he’s grown and blossomed in just three short months!


After the heartwarming ceremony, our family came together for a barbecue extravaganza that perfectly encapsulated the essence of a late August weekend, marking the bittersweet close of summer. The grill sizzled with mouthwatering delights, and laughter filled the air as we shared stories and celebrated the precious moments in life.


As the sun began to set on this idyllic day, I couldn’t resist snuggling up with him, cherishing every sweet moment with him. There’s something truly magical about holding a little one in your arms, especially on a day as meaningful as this. Today, love and laughter filled our hearts, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime


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