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Cheers! I'm Casey

Pull up a chair and let’s get inspired.  I am the owner, recipe creator and curator, lifestyler, aspiring food photographer, and food stylist behind The Flavor Vault LLC.  

I have a passion for all things hors d’oeuvres, drinks, desserts, entertaining, and lifestyle. Whether you’re here because you need to bring an appetizer to your friend’s Botox party and don’t want to bring another veggie tray, because you need some entertaining inspirations to be the host(ess) with the most(ess), or because you want some inspiration on the art of going out, I’ve got you covered right here—from Detroit, Michigan and beyond.

Casey Kolp in her office with a Laptop.

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The Flavor Vault Logo

Follow Me and Stay Posted!

I haven’t always been in the world of food, lifestyle, and entertainment blogging.  I’m an emergency medicine physician assistant by profession, but a hip fracture from athletic overtraining temporarily side-lined me from the hype of the chaotic ER and fitness in October of 2022.  Seems like the total opposite for a typical foodie and up-and-coming blogger, right?  Yeah, I thought so too at first.  But this made me decide to live less out of habit and more out of intent.

I’ve always been happiest when I am creating, crafting, designing, exploring, wandering, snapping pics, and entertaining.  Having a keen eye for aesthetics and a passion for food, I decided to start The Flavor Vault—and I haven’t looked back. I’ve expanded my passion for food into lifestyle and review blogging because people need to live, not just eat!  I’m self-taught in the kitchen, but baking, cooking, and entertaining has always been second nature for me.  I grew up next to an Italian family, so I credit a good amount of my kitchen wizardry and hand gestures to them. Having a scientific brain, I obsessively test (and often retest ad nauseum) all my recipes to perfect them.  My non-edible posts come from the gusto, vim, and zeal to create a life that glows.  The world needs our magic and we’re going to be great friends.

I’ve been a product of the Detroit, Michigan area since day one – born, raised, and still holding on for dear life. When I’m not setting off smoke alarms with my cooking experiments, attempting to rival Picasso in my creative pursuits, saving lives (or at least pretending to) in the ER, or single-handedly financing the electricity company, you can bet your last donut that I’m either at Orangetheory Fitness trying to outrun my own bad decisions, hanging out at a local brewery (because hydration, right?), or doing my best impression of a social butterfly while juggling friends, family, and the occasional rubber chicken.

What will you find here?

A phantasmagoric collection of created and curated recipes, lifestyle episodes, unreserved reviews, enthralling ideas, and much more to inspire your palate and lifestyle. Life is busy and so are you—I get that. Let’s rock that lifestyle. 

Let’s talk food—I appreciate a vivacious main course as much as the rest of the blogosphere…but my heart’s pure passion is the before and after–hors d’oeuvres, drinks and desserts. They get the party started and keep the party going…and account for 90% of my daily caloric intake. The recipes are to the point, so you don’t need to be an executive chef to whip them up.  

Everything else— as much as I do love food, I wanted to create a blog that is vastly more expansive than just foodstuff.  I desired a lifestyle brand. Life with style.  Locked in.  The Flavor Vault is a personal promise to my future self and to you that we are all goal-getters and glow-getters inside and outside of the home.  You’ll also find some homemade infusions of comedic relief and some awful dad jokes.

I am excited to inspire and evolve with you.  I am open and excited to collaborate, feature and partner with YOU.  

Life with Style. Locked in. XOXO,

Casey Kolp

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