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Daily Dose 6.4.23

McFadden's Nashville building

Nashville, you seductive siren of sound! Our second annual ladies’ pilgrimage to this melodic mecca proved once again that this city knows how to steal our hearts. Give me live music in a cozy dive bar, and I’m smitten. But when you add twangy country tunes to the mix, consider me extra-sold. We couldn’t resist returning to our beloved haunt, Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar, so we kept going back for more—cue the endless honky-tonk fun!  


We also managed to experience a few new places that we didn’t get to the first time around—Tootsies Honky Tonk Orchid Lounge and Suzy Wong’s Drag’n Bruch


Now, picture this: amidst our music-filled escapades, I managed to squeeze in a morning run, because apparently, I’m that kind of vacation weirdo I am so glad I did because the Nashville Skyline was a gem. As I conquered incline bridge sprints, I couldn’t help but marvel at the audacity of it all. Who needs rest and relaxation when you can conquer inclines, right? Priorities, my friends.


Alas, time played a wicked game, and my mile-long list of must-visit photo spots vanished into the Nashville skyline. Fear not, dear readers, for I solemnly swear to return in no time. On my next jaunt, I shall conquer Reese Witherspoon’s divine Draper James store and frolic amidst the enchanting murals adorning 12th Street. Nashville, you can’t escape me that easily—I’ll be back, camera in hand, ready to capture your vibrant soul.  Stay tunes for the Nashville Travel Blog Post!

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Prime Cuts of the Week

 Just when you thought Nashville was all about country music, think again.  Here’s some facts that I was clueless of!

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