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Daily Dose 6.18.23

Marathon in Charlevoix

This past weekend I conquered my inaugural half marathon in the lovely town of Charlevoix, Michigan! This was only my second attempt at running a grand distance of 13.1 miles, if you can even call my so-called “training” that. Naturally, I had no idea what to expect. Running a half marathon means I’m only halfway to being certified crazy, right?


After some blood, sweat, and blistered feet, I managed to cross the finish line right smack in the middle of the pack, at the 50th percentile. My time? A solid 2 hours and 14 minutes, with a 10:17 mile per minute pace. I was armed to the teeth with a personally curated playlist to keep me going throughout the entire ordeal.


The highlight of the race (apart from actually surviving it): the bacon station! Imagine, a few miles into the run, there it was—a sizzling oasis of savory goodness. Because what better mid-race snack than bacon, right?


For the remainder of the weekend, I leisurely strolled around downtown Petoskey, taking in the sights and indulging in my three obligatory destinations. First stop: Petoskey Cheese. Second stop: Beards Brewing. And last but not least, Gypsy Vodka. And listen, if you ever find yourself in Northern Michigan, I insist you pay a visit to Gypsy’s flagship location, the High Five Spirits Tasting Room, in downtown Petoskey, as well as their brand-new Gypsy Distilling spot. Trust me, they’re worth the detour!

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