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Zef’s Dockside

Close up shot of jerk chicken in Zef's Dockside in Michigan.

I have eaten at Zef’s Dockside more times than I can count…literally. I’ve far surpassed finger and toe counting. I live locally and I appreciate that they are open on Mondays. Typically, my go-to is their Chicken Greek Salad. And when I say typically, I mean every time. I’m a creature of habit at times, but it’s just that astounding. Their Greek dressing is impressive. I appreciate the incorporation of beets for the deep color. You won’t find that style of dressing at many establishments.


Tonight, I stepped out of my standard tried-and-true routine and ordered the Jerk Chicken entree. You must experience it all, right? First time for everything here. It did not disappoint. Ordering anything with pineapple was either a hit or a miss…this was a hit! It was grilled perfectly. The jerk flavoring had the right amount of tang and heat without being overpowering. I’ve tried to make jerk seasoning in my own kitchen, and I can attest to how critical the ratio of spices is…it’s either too bland or you need a gallon of milk to quench the oral inferno of the underworld. I can say it very closely resembles the jerk chicken I’ve experienced while abroad in Jamaica. It was served with wild rice and fresh pico. The key word here is FRESH! Let’s get a round of applause for the freshness!


The staff is always attentive to the amount of patrons dining. I will continue to support Zef’s Dockside with my frequent dining! Oh, did I mention that in the summer they have a second-floor patio overlooking the marina with a specific upstairs menu? I won’t let the cat out of the bag on how awesome that is. You must take it in for yourself!  Looking for a stellar Sunday brunch venue?  Yup, they’ve nailed that too with a build-your-own Bloody Mary/Mimosa bar. You can’t go wrong with any meal here!

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