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Tallulah Wine Bar & Bistro

Close up shot of a cocktail in Tahllulah Wine, Bar, and Bistro.

Nestled in the heart of Birmingham, Michigan, Tallulah Wine Bar & Bistro is a haven for gastronomes and wine lovers. With its chic and inviting decor, it’s no wonder that it’s ranked among the top restaurants in the country, including the Top 100 Best Restaurants in USA/Opentable & Forbes 2019, HOUR Detroit 2022, and Top 3 Best Restaurants in Oakland County. 


Highly recommended by a colleague, my husband and I finally made it there, and we were not disappointed. As we arrived early for our reservation, we were still promptly seated by the friendly staff, who made us feel welcome from the outset. The interior décor was a perfect balance of rustic and chic, with natural lighting that created an ambiance that was both welcoming and sophisticated.


Our waiter Scott was a standout, with his impressive knowledge of the menu and ability to make recommendations based on our personal preferences. As he went over the cocktail menu, he recommended their Espresso Martini, which I couldn’t resist. As an Espresso Martini aficionado, I know the good ones from the “meh” ones, and I can confidently say that Tallulah’s version with tequila was a game changer. The tequila perfectly complemented the essence of the espresso, resulting in a beautifully balanced and flavorful drink.


For appetizers, we ordered the Fetta Frito and Nueske’s Bacon. The Fetta Frito was elegantly packaged in filo dough, topped with tomato jam and green olive mousse, and bursting with flavor. The Nueske’s Bacon was a showstopper. The thick applewood-smoked bacon was topped with a flavorful escabeche of pickled vegetables, adding a nice acidic contrast to the rich bacon.


For my main course, I had the Prawn Mushroom Risotto. It was a perfectly balanced dish with arborio rice, mushroom, truffle goat cheese, and chili prawns. The truffle flavor was not overpowering. The creamy arborio rice was cooked al dente, and the truffle goat cheese added a nutty, earthy flavor that complemented the chili prawns.


For dessert, we decided to share the Tiramisu. It was presented in a stemless wine glass, with layers of ladyfingers, bailey espresso, mascarpone, vanilla crumble, and cocoa powder. The presentation was elegant and the flavors were perfectly balanced, with the bitterness of the espresso and cocoa powder cutting through the richness of the mascarpone.


The entirety of their staff is sensational.  From Scott’s extensive knowledge of the menu to Mario Camaj’s managing prowess and Christian’s attentive service, everyone was top-notch.


Overall, Tallulah Wine Bar & Bistro exceeded our expectations with its impeccable service, exceptional food, and inviting ambiance. It’s a definite must-visit for any food lover who appreciates a great dining experience.

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