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Badfin’s Food + Brew, Clearwater, Florida

Peach Cocktail Badfin's Food + Brew in Clearwater Beach, Florida

Hold onto your hats, folks! If you want seafood and Mexican dishes that will leave you feeling like beach royalty, look no further than Badfin’s Food + Brew. Located at Wyndham Grand Resort on Clearwater Beach – recently voted ‘Best Beach in America’, so you know you’re in for something special! When it comes to cooking, every dish here is made with love, care, and the freshest ingredients. And let’s talk about the beer – 32 rotating taps of local Florida brews will leave you in beer-drinking heaven.


Now let’s get to the good stuff – the food. My husband and I ordered the “Trifecta” (roasted tomato salsa, street guac & craft beer cheese queso), the Ahi Tuna Tostada, and the Bougie Steak Quesadilla, and all I can say is WOW. I don’t think I’ve ever had seafood this fresh and ingredients this unique in a restaurant. And the cocktails! I’m pretty sure I could’ve had ten “Peach Don’t Kill My Vibe” cocktails before feeling too buzzed to finish my plate.


The atmosphere here is pure relaxation. With its coastal and eclectic vibe, Badfin’s has the perfect mix of casual and upscale dining. The live entertainment is always on point, whether you’re looking for classic rock or country tunes. And even though it’s a smaller venue, the seating arrangements are thoughtfully placed, making for a great atmosphere without feeling cramped.


Trust me, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind dining experience that will leave you feeling warm, fuzzy, and satisfied, Badfin’s Food + Brew is the place to be.


“When life hands you lemons, grab a taco and a margarita.” – Unknown

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