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Embracing Your Highest Self: How to Show Up Every Day

Casey exploring beautiful places

When you think about your highest self, what comes to mind? Well, I’ll tell you what comes to mind for me: a unicorn riding a rainbow, playing the harp. But seriously, for most people, it’s a tough question. We all have an idea of who we want to be, but when it comes to actually being that person, we get as lost as a sock in the dryer. The culprit? Our emotions, our fears, and our doubts. They have more control over us than a toddler with a remote-control car. We forget that we’re more powerful than we think. 


We all have that inner voice telling us we can be better, do better, and show up as our highest selves. However, it’s so easy to get lost in the mundane, everyday routines of life. We forget how much potential we have and instead, allow our circumstances or emotions to dictate how we act. 


When I feel myself starting to show up as a version of myself that isn’t what I know I am capable of, I always circle back to 5 key principles.  


1. Set Goals: Establishing clear and achievable goals can be a great way to work towards your highest self. Having something concrete to work towards gives you motivation and a sense of direction that is missing when we just coast through life. But we all know that life can sometimes get in the way and it feels like suddenly you are in a race against time!


2. Prioritize Self-Care: If only we could put self-care on our to-do list, right after binge-watching Netflix and scrolling through TikTok. But, if we want to be our highest selves, we’ve got to prioritize it.  This means getting enough rest and nourishment, carving out time for activities that bring you joy, and engaging in physical activity to keep your body healthy. Remember that self-care isn’t selfish, it’s necessary for you to shine brighter than a disco ball.

3. Expand Your Horizons: Learning new things can help you become both smarter and more confident.  Watch a documentary. Documentaries can provide a deep dive into a subject and can give you a different perspective on the world around you. Talk to someone from a different background. Engage in conversations with people who come from different cultures or have different life experiences. This can help broaden your understanding and empathy towards others. Expanding your knowledge base is sure to help you on your journey to embracing your highest self.


4. Be Mindful: Being mindful of the present moment is essential when trying to show up as your highest self. Admittedly, sometimes this feels like trying to herd cats. Taking the time to be aware of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions helps us stay grounded and in touch with who we really are. Recently, I realized that it’s hard for me to stay focused on becoming my highest self when I get bogged down by stress or negative emotions. It’s like trying to stay positive during a root canal. It’s hard. It’s frustrating. It’s paralyzing. The present moment is the only moment we have…unless you have a time machine, in which case, can I borrow it?


5.  Connect with Others: Surrounding yourself with positive people can be incredibly beneficial when striving for personal growth. Being around those who care about you, support you, and encourage you is essential for feeling empowered and confident. 


Showing up as your highest self is a process that takes time, patience, and dedication. It is worth it! Taking the time to focus on yourself, set goals, practice self-care, expand your knowledge base, become mindful of the present moment, and connect with positive people will help you discover and embrace your highest self. You may find that as you start to embrace your highest self, there are still times when you struggle. That’s normal – staying true to yourself is a process that takes time and practice.  Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and show up as her every day!  Reflect on your progress and celebrate the small victories.

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Casey Kolp

Cheers! I’m Casey! Get ready for a blog full of wanderlust, culinary adventures, and unfiltered opinions – where I spill the tea (and the wine) on all things food, lifestyle, and travel!

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