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Your Diet is Not Only What you Eat

Casey Kolp with a book and sitting in a brown couch.
Have you ever considered the impact that your media and social circle have on your mental health? It's not just about what's on your plate, but also what's in your earbuds and who's at your lunch table. As it turns out, maintaining a healthy diet involves way more than just food. In fact, "Your diet is not only what you eat. It's what you watch, listen to, read, and who you hang out with." This quote is popping up all over the place in conversations about mental wellness and for good reason.
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You Are the CEO of Your Life

Casey Kolp happily celebrating with confetti.
As I sit at my desk on a Sunday night a 9:22 pm, scrolling through my social media feed and mindlessly going through my to-do list for the upcoming week, I realized that sometimes, I am so far from being in control of my own life. I feel like a front-seat zombie, following a preset trajectory, with no sense of direction or purpose for some dates.  There’s always a little bit of this and a little bit of that in my day. Tonight, I came across the quote, "You are the CEO of your own life. Hire, fire, and promote accordingly." It struck a chord within me.  We are all the CEO of our own lives and it’s time to start hiring, firing, and promoting accordingly. Right now. 
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Embracing Your Highest Self: How to Show Up Every Day

Casey exploring beautiful places
When you think about your highest self, what comes to mind? Well, I'll tell you what comes to mind for me: a unicorn riding a rainbow, playing the harp. But seriously, for most people, it's a tough question. We all have an idea of who we want to be, but when it comes to actually being that person, we get as lost as a sock in the dryer. The culprit? Our emotions, our fears, and our doubts. They have more control over us than a toddler with a remote-control car. We forget that we're more powerful than we think. 
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Don’t Let the Ugly in Others Kill the Beauty in You

Casey in her room smiling beautifully
You wake up on a rainy Sunday morning and instinctively reach for your phone. As you fire up Instagram, you come across a post on your feed that makes your jaw drop. You come across a post shared by someone you know.  There it is. Right in your face.  It’s a picture of them out with their friends and in the captions, they’ve made some snide remarks about one of your blog posts.
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If They Don’t Know You Personally, Don’t Take It Personal

Casey Kolp in a beanie.
Ah, the joys of beer tastings and controversial topics! My husband and I were recently at a beer-tasting event with some of our closest friends and a few acquaintances who were just tagging along for the ride. It's always fun when you're having a good time and then someone brings up a polarizing subject like golf. It's almost like bringing up politics or religion - you never know who's going to get offended.
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