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Daily Dose 5.14.23

Traverse City Trail Running Festival t-shirt

I completed my first official 10k race at the Traverse City Trail Run Festival in Traverse City, Michigan. It was a scenic but physically taxing course with hills and undulations. It did end with a beer in hand, so that was even better.  I know there probably aren’t a lot of die-hard runners reading this blog nor is it a running blog, so I’ll make it quick and relatively comical.  


Even before I fractured my hip in October of 2022, I never thought running was something I’d have in my arsenal of hobbies.  I looked at the long-distance runner and thought, “Okay, masochist.” Am I a true die-hard myself not?  Heck no, but for me it symbolizes a comeback—it’s about coming back better that you ever had been before and for me, that was running.  Pre-fracture, the longest distance I had ever ran was a 5k and that was a challenge. The word Hufflepuff really comes to mind.  I had been doing Orangetheory Fitness for about one year with the goal of maybe having distance running on the horizon. Then the hip fracture happened.  My physicians and colleagues told me I’d have to kiss the dream of long-distance running goodbye after that. Being the stubborn Capricorn I am, I said, “Haha, okay, watch this.”  That sealed the deal that I WAS going to do it. I am happily now distance running pain-free. 


The rest of the weekend trying a few new places in Traverse City that we had never been to…Brew Coffee, Bootleggers Pub, PepeNero, North Bar, and Glee Pub.  Check them out under The Local Mitten page. Yes, I still had the obligatory last day breakfast at The Towne Plaza and it was predictable perfection!

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Prime Cuts of the Week

•  In my quest to conquer the Detroit Marathon in October 2023, I’ve enlisted the help of a digital guru known as Training Peaks —a training app that’s more addictive than a runner’s high and sharper than a freshly sharpened pencil. Trust me, folks, this app is the secret sauce to transforming mere mortals into marathon warriors. Highly recommend it before your sneakers even think about hitting the pavement! I bought the 80/20 Running: Marathon Level 0 through 80/20 Endurance.


•  If you’re a Metro-Detroit local and you’re craving the ultimate running gear and shoe extravaganza, look no further than Hanson’s Running Shop. Their team of running wizards will cast diagnostic spells on your feet, ensuring you strut like a gazelle with gear fit for a marathon superstar. You’ll be posting about it in your blog faster than you can say “personal best.”

*When you buy an item, I receive a small commission to help support my blog, but you won’t pay any extra.

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