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Daily Dose 4.23.23

Casey Kolp with her friend wearing white formal attire.

There’s something about photoshoot Sundays that fills my soul with joy. Madison and I were back again, shooting for our second collaboration, and we were ready to take on the world! Joining us this time was Ethan, Madison’s boyfriend and a creative whiz-kid in videography. We were transforming their beautiful high-rise apartment office center into an edgy photoshoot setting and Madison’s bold and innately feminine essence was on full display. We laughed, joked, and enjoyed every single moment, continuing to build a friendship that I know will last a lifetime.


But my weekend of adventure didn’t start there. On Friday night, my husband and our friend Ashley joined me for an unforgettable Pure Spirits Tasting experience. The Detroit Historical Museum was hosting the event, and it was a chance to learn and drink our way through the city’s rich history.


I love the trend of “adult learn and drink” field trips that Detroit has been hosting lately. It’s a fantastic way to explore the city, sample its innovative offerings, and connect with people who share your passions. Detroit is a city that comes alive with creative energy when given the chance.

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Prime Cuts of the Week

Lining baking sheets with parchment paper used to be my go-to until I switched to these silicon oven-safe baking sheet liners.


These Sperry Crest Twin Gore sneakers were a boat shoe steal and I might have to buy every color.


The 2015 movie Inside Out is still one of my favorites, but are “core memories” really a thing? (Pocket)


This took me back to 11th-grade English Literature class when I couldn’t and still cannot pronounce most of these rhetorical devices. (Pocket)


From original barbacoa to modern meat smoking, the history is insatiable. (Texan Monthly)

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