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Daily Dose 4.2.23

Casey Kolp with a white llama.

This week, it’s been like trying to squeeze creativity from a rock – have I put in too many hours at the ER? Let’s hope my motivation returns soon or you might think that bloggers block is contagious! But, after working long hours that made creativity seem unachievable, I’m ready to welcome Easter with a bang!


Just one week until Easter, and I’m determined to make it the sweetest yet! Taking a cue from those crafty bunnies hopping around, I’ll be whipping up some delectable “Bunny Loft House Sugar Cookies” Hop on over quick ’cause these goodies won’t remain unbitten for long!


Our friend’s invited us to an Easter Bunny and Petting Zoo event today which ended up being an absolute blast!  Now, I know what you’re thinking,” Casey, you and your husband don’t have kids!”  I say that’s all the more reason to enjoy a day full of frivolity, wine and furry friends.


We were greeted by some adorable bunnies and a petting zoo that made me feel like Snow White with all the woodland creatures surrounding me. I must admit, I did feel a twinge of envy toward the little kids who looked like they were in heaven while playing with the animals. But then I remembered that I was sipping on a glass of wine, so who’s the real winner here? Plus, it was ideal for getting some adorable animal selfies without anyone giving you funny looks.


Just remember, if you’re confident enough, every zoo is a petting zoo!

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Prime Cuts of the Week

•  Welcome back, Mr. Wick. Husband and I say John Wick 4 this weekend and here’s what critics are saying. (Roger-Ebert)


•  After years of working afternoons and midnights in the emergency room, a morning routine sounds quite nice! (Entrepreneur) 


•  This hits close to home the past few weeks of feeling burnt out with all my hours at the hospital. (Inc.)


•  There’s a black-market for cheese? (CNET)

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