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Daily Dose 4.16.23

Casey Kolp fishing on a boat.

The Hubs and just returned from a long weekend getaway in Clearwater, Florida – our all-time favorite weekend getaway destination. We’re so hooked on this place; we’ve been there three times now! Our mission this time around was to hop on a deep-sea fishing charter, after a disastrous attempt in Hawaii during our honeymoon. That “fishing” expedition was nothing more than a glorified boat ride, so we were determined to reel in a real adventure this time.


Our 5-hour deep sea fishing charter was an absolute success! It was the perfect way to recharge our batteries, both mentally and physically. Maybe it’s the saltwater that seeps into your soul and makes everything delicious!  After a long winter, it felt amazing to soak up some rays and sip umbrella drinks in the sun. We returned feeling refreshed and revitalized for the week ahead.


Unfortunately, we came back to a world of April showers and taxes – both equally unpleasant. At least we came back feeling fresh and revitalized for the week ahead. Overall, our trip to Clearwater was a reel treat – one we’re already planning to cast off on again. 

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Prime Cuts of the Week

Move over, one-trick ponies! This free sample of Ilia’s multi-stick for lips and cheeks that I was gifted is the new MVP of my makeup bag. With a rainbow of colors to choose from, it’s my new everyday go-to. 


I’ve only seen 7 out of the 50 best films of the 21st century? That’s like missing 43 Oscar-worthy performances! Don’t worry, though, because I’ve got an action-packed movie marathon plan that will have you catching up in no time. (The Hollywood Reporter)


Joseph Littlefoot the Bengal Cat would not go for these world-class cat traveler shenanigans. A trip to the vet is Armageddon. (Smithsonian Magazine)


Don’t let burnout knock you out of the blogging and medicine game! I may endorse articles on the topic frequently, but I’ve got a two-minute activity up my sleeve that can truly change the game. Want to know what it is? Let’s dive in! (Harvard Business Review) 


Let’s shed some light on my food identity and make dining in the dark a reality for me! It’s a transformative experience that’s been on my bucket list for too long. (BBC) 

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