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Daily Dose 3.4.23

Lavender + Vanilla Shea butter cleansing bar with essential oils.

Okay, challenge accepted! So, I was feeling pretty daring the other day and decided to finally try out a new photography technique that has been on my bucket list. I was all like, “I got this!” and started setting up the equipment – a computer screen, a mirror, and a bar of soap from Bath & Body Works. I was also completely unaware that they sell bar soap. My world has been rocked. I’m a sucker for bar soap.


Anyways…  The technique involved placing the soap on a mirror and angling the computer screen to reflect onto the mirror and onto the subject. I was amazed at the results – the lavender hues of the soap were beautifully enhanced by the technique, creating a dreamy and ethereal effect. It was exciting to experiment with a new technique and to see how it could transform the simplest of subjects into a work of art.

Roll the Credits,

Prime Cuts of the Week

•  In my mind, bar body soap is superior to shower gel.  Specifically this one. I said what I said. 


•  Struggling to be productive?  Just say no. (James Clear)


•  I recently forgot my mini-steamer on my recent trip to Costa Rica and this was a lifesaver. (Likehacker)


•  I am a firm believer that you are never too old for puzzles.  I’m currently working on this one.

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