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Daily Dose 2.4.23

Starbucks tumbler filled with coffee with green cookies in the background.

Happy Saturday and cookie-baking day! Today I’m baking my Snickerdoodle Frosted Cake Cookies, White Chocolate and Strawberry Cake Batter Bites, and trying a new sugar cookie recipe!  I will be the cookie bringer (and eater) to my friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday—TWO WILD! It’s a far-out jungle theme through and through, from the safari snacks to the decor, and the desserts! Check out a few of the snapshots below from Delilah’s Two Wild Birthdays!


You already know it wouldn’t be a typical Saturday for me without a mood-boosting workout to start the day at Orangetheory Fitness complimented by an obligatory Starbucks run for a chocolate cream cold brew. Cranked out 20 Splats Points! As much as I hate to admit it, if they had the pumpkin spice cold brew all year, my basic-ness would shine. There.  I said it.  I will admit my deep love for pumpkin spice drinks. An Orangetheory Fitness with a Starbucks next-door might be one of the best and most dangerous cliché pairings in the area.  It was a simple routine morning, but the comfort was in the familiarity.


Lastly, remember, don’t let anyone treat you like regular glue.  You’re glitter glue.

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