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Daily Dose 2.25.23

Frozen water over pine leaves.

Hello there, readers! It’s been a wild week here in Michigan. First, we had an ice storm that knocked out power for over 418,000 residents, but that once spared us. To make things even more interesting, there was a bizarre internet outage in the area that did manage to affect my house. It’s been like Little House on the Prairie over here – no internet and no TV streaming,  At this rate, I might have to start churning my own butter!


In other news, we’ve had a light dusting of snow the past two days. I’m really hoping this is the last of it because I am ready for some sunshine. On a brighter note, I signed up for my first 5K race since fracturing my hip back in October. I am beyond excited to be running the Corktown Detroit St. Patrick’s Day 5K race with one of my best girlfriends. I might not be breaking any records, but I’ll be doing my best to cross that finish line. Here’s to hoping for no more ice storms, internet outages, or broken hips – just smooth sailing and sunny skies!

Roll the Credits,

Prime Cuts of the Week

•  I’ve yet to watch The Rings of Power on Amazon Prime, but Warner Bros. announced The Lord of The Rings franchise will live on. (USA Today)


•  Succession has been one of my favorite HBO shows to watch, but this series’ ending was just saddening news. (BBC)


•  Man, I’ve only seen one of NPR’s best movies and TV of 2022. (NPR)


•  Although my pair of Uggs has yet to do me wrong, I cannot get down with this new trend. (The Guardian)


•  Campus Martius in Detroit, Michigan was voted the #1 Best Public Square by USA Today. (USA Today)


•  I decided to give Naked & Thriving’s Renew Resurfacing Night Serum a try after seeing a TikTok on it and reading this credible review.  I’ll keep you posted. (Illuminate Labs)

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