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Daily Dose 2.18.23

Casey Kolp with her husband in a restaurant.

Traverse City, Michigan – it’s the place that made my husband and I realize we could tolerate each other for more than a weekend. Our first vacation together was spent strolling through the quaint downtown, munching on cherry-themed treats, and sipping on local wines. At the time, my husband was a broke anesthesia student, but we made it work. We were charmed by the beauty of Grand Traverse Bay, (and he was charmed with my grace when I spilled a full beer on the table at Jolly Pumpkin) and we knew we had found a special place. So, for our first anniversary, we decided to return to Traverse City – not just because of the humorous memories, but also because it was the only place where we could agree on what to eat. If you ever need to find us, just look for the couple bickering over which winery to visit next…it is either Mari Vineyards, Peninsula Cellars, or Chateau Chantel. We’ll be in Traverse City.


While my husband and I were off galivanting and enjoying fancy dinners and romantic walks in Traverse City for our first anniversary, my dear mother (also known as Birthgiver) decided to commemorate the glorious occasion in the only way she knew how – by freezing a year-old cake that had already been through enough trauma one year prior. Now, I’m not sure what’s more surprising – the fact that she thought this was a good idea or that the freezer still had enough room to fit the gigantic monstrosity amongst the plethora of frozen meat my husband orders online.


Whether you’re single as a Pringle or happily married for decades, there are two things in life that will always bring you bliss: the heavenly taste of a delicious cake and the enchanting beauty of Traverse City at any time of year. As for me, I’m lucky enough to have found a partner who shares my love for both, so we’ll be making our way back to Traverse City to celebrate our love with a giant slice of not one-year-old wedding cake and Kilwin’s Chocolate in hand.


When someone asks me how I like my eggs, the answer is always in a cake.

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Prime Cuts of the Week

•  Finally sat and watched a movie from start to finish.  Devotion” is a recent Netflix movie that tells the true story of two U.S. Navy fighter pilots and their harrowing experiences during the Korean War. The movie offers a gripping and emotional portrayal of the bravery and sacrifice of these pilots, and the intense bond that developed between them during their time in combat. 


•  According to a 2019 survey conducted by LendEDU, the average Starbucks customer spends approximately $1,300 per year at the popular coffee chain. I discovered Pistachio Cream Cold Brew Coffees at Starbucks and I regret nothing.


•  The Fenty brand by Rhianna makes a long-lasting lip stain that won’t dry out your lips.  I bought the Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain in Strawberry Sangria.

*When you buy an item, I receive a small commission to help support my blog, but you won’t pay any extra.

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Casey Kolp

Cheers! I’m Casey! Get ready for a blog full of wanderlust, culinary adventures, and unfiltered opinions – where I spill the tea (and the wine) on all things food, lifestyle, and travel!

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