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Daily Dose 2.12.23

Casey Kolp with her husband and her mother.

Happy Superbowl Sunday crew!  I feel like Superbowl Sunday has become an unofficial American sport holiday.  I must be honest…I don’t even know who is playing this year.  I do use this unofficial American sport holiday as an excuse to host and entertain.  We’re having some of our friends and my family over for appetizers, pizza and beer from Copper Hop Brewing Company.  We’ll be watching the Rhianna concert too…oh, I mean the game.


One of the recurrent lies I tell myself is that “I am going to keep it simple this year.” That’s humorous. Regarding the menu, I really should give my husband some credit here, he is the GaucMaster of the manner!  Guacamole was one of the first dishes he cooked for me.  Yes, he called it a dish and it was dinner. I thought to myself, “You have guac to be kidding me.”  I married him anyways.  I whipped up my obligatory Authentic Greek Tzatziki and baked some Touch Down Soft Batch Sugar Cookies that I also brought to a work potluck this morning.


Can we all agree that Christ Stapleton knocked the National Anthem out of the stadium?  The State of Arizona sure had a busy week between the WM Phoenix Open (for my golf lovers out there) where Scottie Scheffler defended his WM Phoenix title and the K.C. Chiefs being victorious at Super Bowl LVII.


It’s okay guacamole.  I’m extra too. 

Roll the Credits,

Prime Cuts of the Week

•  Sometimes we all need an escape from reality and a little mystery.  The Anatomist’s Wife boasts mystery, humor, and a little romance.  It’s a little reminiscent of Outlander. She’s a heronine in the Highland setting. Who doesn’t love Scottland?


•  I’m a huge Chris Stapleton fan and I’m looking forward to hearing him tonight. 


•  PGA golfer Scheffler defended his title by coming in 6-under 65 at the 2023 WM Phoenix Open.


•  I’ve recently been wondering where some of the workout music mixes at Orangetheory Fitness come from…turns most come from SoundCloud. My current favorite mix is Lil Snoozet My Skeeter. 

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